A story of love, loss and taxidermy on a Broadland estuary. Told by a mix of professional actors and a community choir.

Arthur Patterson was a fine illustrator and cartoonist, as well as a formidable naturalist. His many correspondents would find envelopes and letters covered with lightning fast sketches.  Here is a letter that dropped onto the doorstep of the Editor of the EDP.

Sketch by Arthur Patterson

He wouldn't have needed the 'JK to tell who it was from (Patterson wrote articles for the EDP under the pe name of 'John Knowlittle')

And here he is in a letter complaining about a gammy leg that kept him out of action for a while. His drawing skill served Patterson well when he was in the field, collecting samples and making notes.

Another sketch by ARthur Patterson

Across the years Patterson's drawings manage to give a glimpse of the character of the man.


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