A story of love, loss and taxidermy on a Broadland estuary. Told by a mix of professional actors and a community choir.

The Breydon Choir Choir - Great Yarmouth Beach - Ready to Perform

The cast of Breydon Crowther gathered on Yarmouth beach before the performance.

With thanks to the wonderful choir:

Bridget Barne
Sue Bell
Marian Fox
Paul Fox
Donald Gilchrist
Sarah Harper
Matthew Hills
Kate Isotta
Mike Laurence
Martin McDonnell
Jane Olivier
Anna Sims
Sarah Smith
Charlie Watson
Helen Woods

And here is some of the feedback the Breydon Crowther Team have received from the Choir following their experience over the six months leading up to the first RnD performance on 4th June in Great Yarmouth Minster:

"I have sung in a couple of choirs and enjoyed singing but don't read music. This project was a bit different. A group of singers got together with the composer Chris Warner and the writer Tony Ramsay right at the beginning of the process.  Initially we were just there to learn and sing a couple of pieces that were in draft form to see how they might work within a musical play. It was fascinating to gradually see the work develop and be part of it."

"We learnt our pieces and I think there are some great compositions and words which ring true and are emotionally very powerful. There is a really rich mix of material. This last week was amazing,  seeing the actors bring the characters to life and seeing how the choir fitted into and contributed to the piece. The performance was incredible.  The audience reaction was so positive. It was a genuinely enlarging experience."

"I really loved the whole experience and feel so lucky to have  been a part of it. I was moved emotionally and thought Tim directed it into a fantastic piece. I too am singing several songs at night in my head - eyes across the water keeps rearing its head particularly! "

"It was a pleasure to be involved.  A great script by Tony, wonderful music by Chris, a creative director in Tim, and five professional actors who brought the whole production to life in a unique and moving way!" 

"it was a brilliant experience. My mum said that Crowther really reminded her of her own father - the accent and the things he said. "



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